Leene Communicatie is managed by Job Leene, Steffart Buijs and Peter van Apeldoorn.

Job Leene

Job Leene (1963) is the founder and CEO of Leene Communicatie bv. As ‘chief cook and bottle-washer’, he provides invaluable services for numerous clients in scores of assignments as an adviser and corporate copywriter. The one question he always asks is: What is it that you want to tell, who do you want to tell it to, and how will the other person benefit?

For quite some time now, Job has been serving prominent clients including the Dutch Red Cross, Aon, Deloitte, Philips, ING Insurance as well as several Ministries and large municipalities.

Steffart Buijs
Steffart Buijs (1976) is co-CEO and general partner of Leene Communicatie bv. He is second to none when it comes to connecting strategy and implementation. He is committed to quality in every aspect of his work, has a critical eye for detail, and is highly appreciated for his hands-on, creative approach.

Steffart specializes in generating free publicity and in his role as adviser, copywriter and media specialist, he serves customers who rank among the top in their sectors, such as Nuon Vattenfall, Aon, and Amsterdam ArenA, home to the famous football club Ajax. He has substantial knowledge of sustainability, mobility, energy and finance, and frequently publishes articles in daily newspapers and trade journals, as well as on weblogs.

Peter van Apeldoorn

Peter van Apeldoorn (1975) is co-CEO and general partner of Leene Communicatie bv. In his project consultant role he is always happy to provide valuable advice on interactivity, social media and cross-media opportunities. Project management for websites and e-magazines are in good hands with Peter.

Peter loves to really work together with clients – that is when the best and most beautiful results arise. Whether it is advice, a film script or presenting serious content in a new way.

Meet our team

 Corine Boef

Corine (1967) successfully combines web editing and media monitoring for various customers with administrative project management.

Gertjan Gert Jan Kleefmann

Gert Jan (1963) is senior copywriter specializing in infrastructure and sustainability.

leene-collegas-juni-2016 Maarten Hagg

As an experienced journalist, Maarten (1980) loves to tell good stories. He writes copy, produces audiovisual productions and does PR.

Leene-medewerkers-(Maart2016)-2670 Martijn van der Wind

Martijn (1975) is a senior trainer and a media specialist. He is frank, pulls no punches and loves to excite people with his ideas.

 Frans Petersen

Frans (1983) is a senior communications consultant at Leene Communicatie. He firmly believes that making a connection is key to solving any and every communication issue.

 Charlotte Groen

Charlotte (1996) is a junior communications consultant and copywriter. Driven by curiosity and always working with a sense of purpose and a critical eye – those are the best words to describe her.

 Lynsey Dubbeld

In her role as a senior communications consultant, Lynsey (1975) is specialized in content strategy, content marketing and storytelling. She knows how to translate complex topics into stories like no other, thereby informing, inspiring and activating the target groups.

 Marjolein Slingerland

Marjolein (1995) is a communications consultant and copywriter at Leene Communicatie. She conducted a research on understandability in communications and functional illiteracy for her thesis  – a topic that matches our agency to a tee.

 Nadine Huiskes

Nadine (1990) is a communications consultant at Leene Communicatie. She has a wide social interest, with a special place in her heart for sustainability and inclusive society. Nadine is always looking for possibilities to gain knowledge, insights and skills.

 Ton van Leeuwen 

Ton (1981) is a journalistic copywriter and content specialist at Leene Communicatie. He is widely interested in anything related to food and innovation.

 Robert Portier

As a senior communications consultant Robert (1968) specializes in public relations. He has had a long career in journalism, which has provided him with strong insights into the workings of the media. Translating complex topics into engaging story lines comes as a second nature.

  René Lansbergen

René (1978) is a pragmatic copywriter and content specialist. He is convinced that you can only get a message across if you translate it into texts and images which are relevant to the target group.

  Frank Janse

Frank (1967) is a senior designer at Leene Visuele Communicatie. He also co-founded this design agency, that is part of Leene Communicatie.

Network bureau

Leene Communicatie has a large network of the Netherlands’ finest photographers, interactive media specialists, designers, translators and specialized counterpart bureaus. In the Netherlands, we serve major clients who rank among the top in their respective markets. Regardless of the complexity of the content or the context, our consistent goal is to convey the message, balancing imagery, writing and presentation in a style that will resonate with the target audience and captivate their imagination. Content that touches people, that is what matters.